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The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the true dates

Year A.D.True YearEvent
1? Octavianus reigned fifty-six winters 77; and in the forty- second year of his reign Christ was born. 56-14ADdeath =4 2 BC thus 1 AD birth of Christ - cute! Then three astrologers from the east came to worship Christ; and the children in Bethlehem were slain by Herod in persecution of Christ.
34 BC This year died Herod, stabbed by his own hand; and Archelaus his son succeeded him. The child Christ was also this year brought back again from Egypt.
6? From the beginning of the world to this year were agone five thousand and two hundred winters. AD 6 is the Age of Wrath
1137 BC This year Herod the son of Antipater undertook the government in Judea.
126 This year Philip and Herod divided Judea into four kingdoms. Augustus made four kingdoms: Judea under a procurator, Herod Antipas, Philip, Syria under a governor
1614 This year Tiberius succeeded to the empire.
2626 This year Pilate began to reign over the Jews. Correct
3029 This year was Christ baptized; and Peter and Andrew were converted, together with James, and John, and Philip, and all the twelve apostles.
3333 This year was Christ crucified; Correct about five thousand two hundred and twenty six winters from the beginning of the world. (?)
3437 This year was St. Paul converted, and St. Stephen stoned. Wrong but ties these two events.
3544 This year the blessed Peter the apostle settled an episcopal see in the city of Antioch.
3737 This year Pilate slew himself with his own hand. Correct
3937 This year Caius (Caligula) undertook the empire.
4444 This year the blessed Peter the apostle settled an episcopal see at Rome; and James, the brother of John, was slain by Herod. This is correct for James and therefore gives the date for Peter going to Rome: "And he (Peter) departed and went unto another place." (Acts 12:17b)
4544 This year died Herod, who slew James one year ere his own death. Both the same year
4644 This year Claudius, the second of the Roman emperors who inved Britain, took the greater part of the island into his power, and ded the Orkneys to rite dominion of the Romans. This was in the fourth year of his reigncorrect. And in the same year happened the great famine in Syria which Luke mentions in the book called "The Acts of the Apostles". Gives the date of 44 the famine (Acts 11:28-30)
47? This year Mark, the evangelist in Egypt beginneth to write the gospel. Peter's Gospel canonized in 48
5060 This year Paul was sent bound to Rome.
6262 This year James, the brother of Christ, suffered.
63? This year Mark the evangelist departed this life.
6964 , 65 This year Peter and Paul suffered.
7069 This year Vespasian undertook the empire.
7170 This year Titus, son of Vespasian, slew in Jerusalem eleven hundred thousand Jews.
8179 This year Titus came to the empire, after Vespasian, who said that he considered the day lost in which he did no good.
8381 This year Domitian, the brother of Titus, assumed the government.
84? This year John the evangelist in the island Patmos wrote the book called "The Apocalypse".
9092 This year Simon, the apostle, a relation of Christ youngest brother of Jesus born in 22, was crucified: and John the evangelist rested at Ephesus.
9299 Clement began the Papacy in 92 and died in 99
110107 This year Bishop Ignatius suffered.
116117 This year Hadrian the Caesar began to reign.
145161 This year Marcus Antoninus and Aurelius his brother Marcus Aurelius Antoninus succeeded to the empire.

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