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Herod's Wives
(Map at the end of Loeb Library XXVIII-XIX and
Josephus Antiquities of the Jews 18:130-140)

(Ant16:7:3) This Antipater married a wife and her name was Cypros, by whom he had four sons, Phasael, and Herod, who was afterwards made king, and Joseph, and Pheroras; and a daughter, named Salome.

Herod the Great had two daughters by Mariamme, the daughter of Hyrcanus. One of them, Salampsio, who was married to Phasael, her cousin, who was himself the son of Phasael, Herod's brother, her father making the match; the other was Cypros, who was herself married also to her first cousin Antipater, the son of Salome, Herod's sister. Phasael had five children by Salampsio; Antipater, Alexander, and Herod, and two daughters, Alexandra and Cypros. Timius of Cyprus married Alexandra; he was a man of note, but had by her no children.

Agrippa with his other brothers Herod and Aristobulus was brought up by his father Aristobulus, the son of Herod the Great in Rome together with Bernice, the daughter of Costobarus and Herod's sister Salome. Aristobulus together with his brother Alexander was killed by Herod the Great leaving them as infants. (Ant 16:1:2) To Aristobulus he gave for a wife Bernice, Salome's daughter; and to Alexander, Glaphyra, the daughter of Archelaus, king of Cappadocia.)

Archelaus divorced his former wife Mariamne (Wars 2.13.4)and transgressed the law of our fathers and married Glaphyra, the daughter of Archelaus, who had been the wife of his brother Alexander (Ant 17:13:1)

Agrippa had by Cypros two sons and three daughters, which daughters were named Bernice, Mariamme, and Drusilla and the names of the sons were Agrippa and Drusus. Drusus died before he came to the years of puberty. But when they were arrived at years of puberty, this Herod (of Chalcis), the brother of Agrippa, married Mariamne, the daughter of Olympias, (who was the daughter of Herod the king, and of Joseph, the son of Joseph, who was brother to Herod the king), and had by her a son, Aristobulus; but Aristobulus, the third brother of Agrippa, married Jotape, the daughter of Sampsigeramus, king of Emesa; they had a daughter who was deaf, whose name also was Jotape; and these hitherto were the children of the male line.

But Herodias, their sister, was married to Herod Philip, the son of Herod the Great, who was born of Mariamme, the daughter of Simon the high priest, who had a daughter, Salome; after whose birth Herodias took upon her to confound the laws of our country, and divorced herself from her husband while he was alive, and was married to Herod Antipas, her husband's brother by the father's side, he was tetrarch of Galilee; but her daughter Salome was married to Philip, the son of Herod, and tetrarch of Trachonitis; and as he died childless, married Aristobulus, the son of Herod (of Chalcis), the brother of Agrippa, married her (Salome); they had three sons, Herod, Agrippa, and Aristobulus; and this was the posterity of Phasaelus and Salampsio.

The daughter of Antipater by Cypros was Cypros, whom Alexas Selcias, the son of Alexas, married; they had a daughter, Cypros;

Herod and Alexander, who, as we told you, were the brothers of Antipater, died childless.

As to Alexander, the son of Herod the king, who was slain by his father, he had two sons, Alexander and Tigranes, by the daughter of Archelaus, king of Cappadocia. Tigranes, who was king of Armenia, was accused at Rome, and died childless; Alexander had a son of the same name with his brother Tigranes, and was sent to take possession of the kingdom of Armenia by Nero; he had a son, Alexander, who married Jotape, the daughter of Antiochus, the king of Commagena; Vespasian made him king of an island in Cilicia. But these descendants of Alexander, soon after their birth, deserted the Jewish religion, and went over to that of the Greeks. But for the rest of the daughters of Herod the king, it happened that they died childless. And as these descendants of Herod, whom we have enumerated, were in being at the same time that Agrippa the Great took the kingdom.

Aristobulus & Salome

Ant 20.5.2 And now it was that Cumanus came as successor to Tiberius Alexander; as also that Herod, brother of Agrippa the great king, departed this life, in the eighth year of the reign of Claudius Caesar. He left behind him three sons; Aristobulus, whom he had by his first wife, with Bernicianus, and Hyrcanus, both whom he had by Bernice his brother's daughter. But Claudius Caesar bestowed his dominions on Agrippa (II), junior.