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Jesus Crib sheet

Pesher of Christ:
Pesher rules simplified

© 2015 by Dylan Stephens

  • Luke's nativity of Jesus is symbolic of his Bar Mitzvah showing that he was twelve in 6 AD (Census of Quirinius) and born in 7 BC (no zero adds one to -12 years) - thus crib sheet
  • Persons can have multiple names (the more important the more names)
  • All miracles are symbolic of important changes of doctrine or important events
  • Parables are history lessons
  • Jesus took poison on the cross that made him appear be dead and was revived in the cave (confirmed by Eusebius: Fragments Of Papias, Church History XXXIX 8-10
    "It is worth while however to add to the words of Papias given above other passages from him, in which he records some other wonderful events likewise, as having come down to him by tradition. That Philip the Apostle resided in Hierapolis with his daughters has been already stated; but how Papias, their contemporary, relates that he had heard a marvellous tale from the daughters of Philip, must be noted here. For he relates that in his time a man rose from the dead, and again he gives another wonderful story about Justus who was surnamed Barsabbas, how that he drank a deadly poison, and yet, by the grace of the Lord, suffered no inconvenience.")
    (See more on this: Jesus Survived the Crucifixion: Proof from the Ante-Nicean Fathers: Irenaeus & Papias)
  • The visions of Jesus were real visits of Jesus having survived the Crucifixion, but pretended to have died and risen
  • The three positions were spiritual superior (God on earth/ Pope), assistant to the superior (Son of God / Man: Ear , leader of the people (Holy Spirit / Son of Man: Moses - David-king ) (Before the Crucifixion these were Simon Magus, Jonathan Annas, Jesus, but also the Zealot structure, which defined the those accused of insurrection to be crucified by Pilate, being Simon Magus, Judas Iscariot, Theudas-Barabbas)
  • Jesus brothers were as described in Mark 6:3 and Matt 13:55-56: James (the Just), Joses (Barnabas-Matthias), Jude, and Simon (Silas)
  • Jesus had four children: by Mary Magdalene: daughter Tamar-Phoebe, son Jesus Justus, son (name not given - assumed Joseph of Arimathea) and son (unnamed) by Lydia (of Thyatira, a seller of purple thus recognizing female bishops)
  • James and John were Niceta and Aquila illegitimate relations of Augustus Caesar, adopted by Helena according to the Clementines
  • Mary Magdalene's mother was Helena-Salome-Martha-Luna-Joanna. She being the consort for Simon Magus (Zebedee/ Beast 666) thus Jesus' mother-in-law and step father-in-law
  • Jesus' daughter Phoebe married St, Paul and had two daughters (this accounts for the importance of Paul who was directly guided by Jesus in defining the Church)
  • the four horsemen of the Apocalypse were priests on horseback carrying the Four Gospels: Matthew written by the disciple and High Priest Matthew, Mark rewritten by Mark from the Gospel of Peter, Luke written by Jesus, John written by Jesus and Simon Magus)
  • Qumran (a modified Essene-Zealot monastery) is the mirror image of Jerusalem and thus the Queen's House is Bethlehem and Ein Feshkha (Nazareth) and Mazin (Sea of Galilee)
  • Dead Sea Scrolls: 11QT (Temple Scroll), 1QH (Thanksgiving Hymns), 4Q266/7 (Damascus Document), 1QpHab Habakkuk pesher), 1QS (Community Rule), 4Q171 (Psalms pesher), 4q521 (Messianic Apocalyse), 4Q169 (Nahum pesher) (when correctly carbon dated) are contemporary with Jesus making Jesus the Wicked Priest, his Church the Seekers of Smooth Things and John the Baptist the Teacher of Righteousness
  • the term 'angel' is used by the Essenes to indicate leadership positions
  • adjusted rules of exceptions for Essene marriage is betrothal in June, sexual relations November-January, marriage is not until bride is shown to be three months pre grant thus viable (Josephus Wars 2.8.13 - retranslated: "There is yet another order of Essenes, who, while at one with the rest in their mode of life, customs and regulations, differ from them in their views on marriage. They think that those who decline to marry cut off the chief function of life - that of transmitting it - and furthermore that, were all to adopt the same view, the whole race would very quickly die out. They give their wives, however, a three month's probation, and only marry them after they have thrice undergone purification (no menstruation), in proof of fecundity (of pregnancy to term).")
  • sexual relations are only permitted for a priest or king when the husband is 36 years old and then six years after the birth of a son or three years after a daughter
  • Birth of a son is indicated by "word of God did increase"
  • Joseph's conjugal rape of Mary resulted in some considering Jesus to be illegitimate and favoring his younger brother James: Matt 01:18,19 "And of Jesus Christ, the birth was thus: For his mother Mary having been betrothed to Joseph, before their prescribed time of sex, was found to have conceived from the Holy Spirit (Joseph). And Joseph her husband being righteous, and not willing to make her an example, did wish privately to send her away.",
  • Jesus died in Rome at the age of 78 near the end of June, 72 AD as shown in Revelation 18:23-24 by the betrothal of his son Jesus Justus and his ascendancy over the greatest martyr of all: "the Slain One".
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