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Inductive Reasoning: Jesus' Journeys

© 2009 by Dylan Stephens

A Visual Comparison of the Traditional Jerusalem-centered Journeys of Jesus versus the Qumran-centered Journeys.
Here it will be shown that the Qumran-centered Journeys are much more logical in time and distance.

Also for the fun of it, see Google Map Road Trips of Jesus by foot and donkey along the current roads. This animated visual view will also illustrate the problem of distances in the Traditional Jerusalem-centered versus the more logical Qumran-centered view.

Also the detailed study at
YouTube Playlist:
Jesus Journeys

In the previous Inductive Reasoning: "Qumran the mirror of Jerusalem" the case for two Jerusalems has been presented: Jerusalem singular-form and Jerusalem plural-form (Qumran). Now it will be shown that the distance factor also points to Qumran as the second Jerusalem.

The accepted location where Jesus lived is Nazareth and nearby is the Sea of Galilee, where he met with his disciples. This location over 100 kilometers north of Jerusalem and Bethlehem! However, if Jesus lived near Qumran, where the monastery with its Dead Sea scrolls connection is located, his location would be a mere 28 kilometers east of Jerusalem and only 14 kilometers from where John the Baptist was baptizing!

One might ask whether a Messiah would really have had such influence in the affairs of Jerusalem when he was so far away from the temple of Jerusalem. It certainly remains a mystery why Joseph and Mary would have made the 112 kilometer trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem with Mary heavy with child. (The Gospel of Luke tells us that they went there because of the Roman census of 6 AD, but this date really cannot be for Jesus' birth, but rather for his Bar Mitzvah at twelve years old because Herod was long dead.) Given that the 6 AD taxation was not the purpose, it is difficult to find a reason for that long trip. Was it perhaps to cheat and say that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the birthplace of King David? In the Catholic Church, Jesus was an Immaculate Conception so the genealogy of Joseph descending from King David had as little relevance as Bethlehem.

However, if Qumran was the place that Joseph and Mary lived, they would be much closer to Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Most importantly, when Mary was found with child and went to Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, in the wilderness, this place was right nearby Qumran. (The wilderness can be identified as that of John the Baptist who later baptized in the Jordan River nearby.) This wilderness was also a perfect hiding place as shown by the many tunnels there that were used by the Zealots in their revolt against Rome. The Therapeuts, who had their center in Egypt and contributed much of their customs to Christianity also camped there in this wilderness. Thus it could be said that Egypt came to Joseph and Mary. They were already in a perfect hiding place from Herod's wrath in the real Egypt!

As a conclusion from the distance comparisons, it can be seen that Qumran was an early Disney Epcot Center because it was a miniaturized Jerusalem, Bethlehem, with the sea of Galilee being represented by the Dead Sea. Jesus was a Nazarite, not from Nazareth as Pilate misunderstood.

This detailed study will show that a Qumran-centered Gospel makes much more sense than a Nazareth-Jerusalem one, thus supporting the inductive reasoning that Qumran was the place of Jesus' birth and crucifixion. Thus Jesus taught next to the Jewish Essene monastery of Qumran near the Dead Sea giving him strong Essene roots.

You will note that there are two columns in this chart below labeled Traditional Jerusalem-centered and Qumran-centered. From these columns, you can compare the distances for all of the major events in the life of Jesus. The first row of each section is a composite for that section.

By clicking on the dates you can to bring up two Google Maps in separate windows: a Traditional Jerusalem-centered map and Qumran-centered map that can be resized to your screen or you can click on each map to toggle between them. (They may take some time to load).

   Traditional Jerusalem-centered Logical Qumran-centered
# Approximate date* Location Distance (km) Location Distance (km)
All Journeys: Traditional Conception to Crucifixion
I-VI7 BC to 33 AD** Traditional Jerusalem-centered ~3093 km (10x) Logical Qumran-centered ~330 km
Conception and birth of Jesus to age 12 (7 BC to 6 AD)  - GoogleEarth(kml): Traditional  Qumran
I_1-14BC 05-31-0008 to AD 03-1-0006Nazareth (all) ~1338 (20x)Ain Feshkha (all) ~68.19
I_1BC 05-31-0008Nazareth Mar Saba 
I_2BC 06-01-0008Nazareth ~105Ain Feshkha ~7.61
I_3BC 06-15-0008Ein Karem ~105Mird ~24.7
I_4BC 09-16-0008Nazareth Ain Feshkha 
I_5BC 02-15-0007Bethlehem ~112Queen's House (1 km s.of Qumran) ~2.18
I_6BC 03-01-0007Bethlehem Queen's House (1 km s.of Qumran) 
I_7BC 03-08-0007Bethlehem  ~8Queen's House (1 km s.of Qumran) ~0.23
I_8BC 04-15-0007Temple at Jerusalem Temple at Jerusalem (Qumran****) 
I_9BC04-16-0007Bethlehem  ~8Queen's House (1 km s.of Qumran) ~0.23
I_10BC 09-15-0007Bethlehem  ~407Queen's House (1 km s.of Qumran) ~8.54
I_11BC 09-16-0007Cairo Mird 
I_12BC 09-12-0005Nazareth Ain Feshkha 
I_13BC 09-12-0005Nazareth Ain Feshkha 
I_14AD 02-15-0006Temple at Jerusalem ~103Temple at Jerusalem ~24.7
Beginning of Ministry at age 35 (29 AD- 30 AD)  - GoogleEarth(kml): Traditional  Qumran
II_1-8AD 03-01-0029 to AD 03-1-00030Galilee (all) ~214 (6x)
.6 per day
Mazin (all) ~38.48
.1 per day
II_1AD 03-01-0029Bethany beyond Jordan Bethany beyond Jordan (Same) 
II_2AD 03-08-0029Bethany beyond Jordan Bethany beyond Jordan (Same) 
II_3AD 03-10-0029Bethany beyond Jordan Bethany beyond Jordan (Same) 
II_4AD 03-10-0029The Wilderness (Mird) ~22The Wilderness (Mird) (Same) ~21.72
II_5AD 06-24-0029Nazareth ~90Ain Feshkha ~7.61
II_6AD 06-24-0029Capernaum  ~34Mazin ~3.05
II_7AD 06-24-0029Nazareth ~34Ain Feshkha ~3.05
II_8AD 06-24-0029Capernaum  ~34Mazin ~3.05
First Passover to Second Passover at age 36 (30 AD- 31 AD)  - GoogleEarth(kml): Traditional  Qumran
III_1-10AD 03-24-0030 - AD 03-01-31Nazareth (all) ~240 (12x)
.7 per day
Ain Feshkha (all) ~20.07
.05 per day
III_1AD 03-24-0030Capernaum Mazin 
III_2AD 03-24-0030Capernaum Mazin 
III_3AD 03-25-0030Nazareth ~34Ain Feshkha ~3.05
III_4AD 06-04-0030Galilee (Cana?) ~6Ain Feshkha 
III_5AD 06-05-0030Capernaum ~29Mazin ~3.05
III_6AD 06-05-0030Capernaum Mazin 
III_7AD 06-06-0030Cana ~29Ain Feshkha ~3.05
III_8AD 06-08-0030Cana Ain Feshkha 
III_9AD 06-09-0030Capernaum ~29Mazin ~3.05
III_10AD 06-23-0030Capernaum Mazin 
III_11AD 06-24-0030Capernaum Mazin 
III_12AD 09-20-0030Capernaum Mazin 
III_13AD 09-21-0030Nain ~34Qumran ~5.46
III_14AD 09-22-0030Bethany ~79Ain Feshkha ~2.41
Second Passover to Third Passover at age 37 (31 AD- 32 AD)  - GoogleEarth(kml): Traditional  Qumran
IV_1-12AD 03-01-0031 - AD 03-01-32Nazareth (all) ~532 (20x)
1.5 per day
Ain Feshkha (all) ~26.66
.07 per day
IV_1AD 03-01-0031Galilee (Cana?) Ain Feshkha 
IV_2AD 03-21-0031Temple at Jerusalem ~89Qumran ~2.41
IV_3AD 03-23-0031Capernaum ~107Mazin ~5.46
IV_4AD 03-24-0031Gadara ~24Ain Feshkha ~3.05
IV_5AD 03-24-0031Gadara Ain Feshkha 
IV_6AD 03-25-0031Capernaum ~24Mazin ~3.05
IV_7AD 06-22-0031Sychar  ~68Ain Feshkha ~3.05
IV_8AD 09-14-0031Temple at Jerusalem ~40Qumran ~2.41
IV_9AD 09-04-0031Nazareth ~85Ain Feshkha ~2.41
IV_10AD 09-20-0031Nazareth Ain Feshkha 
IV_11AD 09-21-0031Cana ~6Ain Feshkha ~2.41
IV_12AD 09-21-0031Pool Of Bethesda ~89Qumran ~2.41
Third Passover to week before the Fourth Passover at age 38 (32 AD- 33 AD)  - GoogleEarth(kml): Traditional  Qumran
V_1-25AD 03-20-0032 - AD 03-01-33Nazareth (all) ~756 (4x)
2.1 per day
Ain Feshkha (all) ~171.71
.5 per day
V_1AD 03-20-0032Tiberius Mird 
V_2AD 03-20-0032Bethsaida ~15Ain Feshkha ~7.61
V_3AD 03-21-0032Tabgha ~9Ain Feshkha 
V_4AD 03-22-0032 Gennesaret ~5Mazin ~3.05
V_5AD 03-22-0032Capernaum ~8Mazin 
V_6AD 06-22-0032Tyre  ~56Ain Feshkha ~3.05
V_7AD 06-15-0032Sidon ~33Ain Feshkha 
V_8AD 09-01-0032Tabgha ~66Ain Feshkha 
V_9AD 09-01-0032 Magadan  ~4Mazin ~3.05
V_10AD 09-02-0032 Caesarea Philippi  ~41Mazin 
V_11AD 09-12-0032Temple at Jerusalem ~143Qumran ~5.46
V_12AD 09-12-0032Mount of Olives ~1Qumran 
V_13AD 09-13-0032Temple at Jerusalem ~1Qumran 
V_14AD 09-14-0032Galilee (Cana?) ~89Ain Feshkha ~2.41
V_15AD 09-15-0032Capernaum ~29Mazin ~3.05
V_16AD 09-17-0032Temple at Jerusalem ~107Qumran ~5.46
V_17AD 09-18-0032Bethany ~3Ain Feshkha ~2.41
V_18AD 11-26-0032Temple at Jerusalem ~3Ain Feshkha 
V_19AD 11-26-0032Bethany beyond Jordan ~36Bethany beyond Jordan ~36
V_20AD 12-02-0032Mird ~22Mird ~22
V_21AD 12-03-0032Bethany ~14Qumran ~8.68
V_22AD 12-04-0032Mird ~14Mird ~8.68
V_23AD 12-18-0032Bethany beyond Jordan ~22Bethany beyond Jordan ~22
V_24AD 12-21-0032Jericho  ~12Mar Saba ~27.38
V_25AD 12-22-0032Mount of Olives ~23Mount of Olives ~11.42
Week of the Crucifixion age 39 (33 AD)  - GoogleEarth(kml): Traditional  Qumran
VI_1-10AD 03-02-0033 - AD 03-20-33Jerusalem (all) ~12.63 (2.5x)Qumran (all) ~5.05
VI_1AD 03-02-0033Mount of Olives Queen's House (1 km s.of Qumran) 
VI_2AD 03-02-0033Temple at Jerusalem ~1.31Qumran ~0.23
VI_3AD 03-19-0033Bethany ~3.02Ain Feshkha ~2.41
VI_4AD 03-19-0033Cenacle ~3.66Qumran ~2.41
VI_5AD 03-20-0033Gethsemane ~1.41Qumran 
VI_6AD 03-20-0033House of Annas ~1.13Qumran 
VI_7AD 03-20-0033House of Caiaphas ~1.04Qumran 
VI_8AD 03-20-0033Praetorium ~0.76Qumran 
VI_9AD 03-20-0033 Church of the Holy Sepulchre ~0.3Qumran 
VI_10AD 03-20-0033 Church of the Holy Sepulchre Qumran 
Traditional Jerusalem-centered Grand Total=3093 km
Logical Qumran-centered Grand Total=330 km